Their Words, Not Ours...

Lakewood Hardware has everything you need for home repair and more. The service and knowledge is unparalleled. Truly the best.
— Ryan S.
Lakewood Hardware is so helpful. If you are not sure about how to fix something, go there first, they will help save you time and money. Great local hardware store. Thank you Lakewood Hardware for that you do.
— Allison U.
Very helpful, and great selection, plus referrals to all the best trades in town. They know their stuff!
— Jessie S.
Skip the big stores with the confused 19 year old seasonal workers. Go to Lakewood Hardware, they know it all. It’s locally owned, which feels good. It is rather amazing how they fit that much variety in that little building. I was lucky enough to be an apartment manager down the street from this little shop. I was never left wanting. Better yet, I was a newbie, and they helped me problem solve multiple times. Worth checking out.
— Justin B.



We try our best to carry American Made products when given the option; keeping our dollars where they matter most  at home. We are firm believers in shopping locally and strive to give our neighboring businesses, and Lakewood's citizens the attention they deserve.


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